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'Secrets Behind the Weigh Station'

You might be surprised at what happens behind the scenes at a modern weigh station, and the role technology plays when evaluating your truck - even if your truck doesn't get pulled aside for inspection. 

Learn what happens when your trucks get pulled in and tips to avoid unnecessary inspections.

Save Time, Save Money, and Increase Productivity

With Drivewyze, your drivers will spend less time stopping, slowing down, or sitting in lineups at weigh stations – and more time on the open road. Weigh scale bypasses improve driver productivity, helping freight get to its destination faster.

In addition to significant time savings, fleets that use a weigh station bypass service also reduce their operational costs, decrease fuel consumption, and minimize vehicle wear & tear.

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What's in this eBook?

Trusted by These Leading Carriers and More: 

  • How weigh station technologies identify unsafe vehicles

  • How law enforcement decides whether or not to inspect a vehicle

  • Best practices in driver safety and compliance

In this eBook, you will learn:

Get Your FREE eBook:

'Secrets Behind the Weigh Station'