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No stopping or slowing down at scales saves your fleet fuel and maximizes on-duty driver time. Keep your drivers out of scales and deliver loads faster.

Learn What Weigh Station Bypass Can Do For Your Fleet:

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Why Choose Us?

We are the nation's largest weigh station bypass service. Drivewyze Preclear provides bypasses at over 800 sites in 47 states and provinces. 

How Your Fleet Will Benefit

Improve Safety

Keep drivers safe by reducing lane changes, lineups on the highway, and merging. Drivewyze PreClear is hands-free and is in compliance with FMCSA 

Incentivize & Retain 

Drivers value weigh station bypass. A recent Drivewyze survey showed that drivers are 3X more likely work for a company that provides weigh station bypass. 

Integrates Into Your Existing Telematic Devices (ELDs)

Bypass programs keep drivers safe by reducing lane changes, merging, and lineups on the highway.

Get Drivewyze

“I was floored when Minnesota State Police CVE Section told us how Drivewyze could help us avoid going into their weigh stations over and over again.”

Karol Smith, Safety Manager, BarOle Trucking

“Since we activated Drivewyze it has offered us even more bypass opportunities. As Drivewyze expands its service it has enabled us to receive an even greater number of bypasses.”

Treasure Phillippi, Safety Supervisor, Moore

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